We are fellow Albertans from the Calgary area that enjoy being nude (around home mainly) and enjoy camping but have been afraid to tie the two together. There have been a couple of posting here about camping and we are curious if someone could suggest where to go. We like going out to the Kananaskis because it’s close and areas around Nordegg. Our extent of nudity has been changing in the campsite, skinny dipping and wandering around the site in a sarong. I myself have wandered up river in th Weasel head. There are some great secluded spots there to enjoy the sun especially during the week.

Scale99- We find if you stay away from the tourist areas and camp grounds close to small towns, we’ve had good luck. Nordegg offers some great areas. Kananaskis can be a little busy even mid- week. Also June while the kids are still in school and late August or even September if the weathers good, you’ll find less people. Camp grounds along rivers are better then ones with a lake, and never private. Remember too that a camp ground with 15 sites is not going to give you the same privacy as one with 30 sites, if a few other sites are taken. Two years ago we went out around Robb. When we arrived on a Tuesday afternoon, 4 of the sites were occupied. The next morning 3 left.The ones that were left were close to the main gate and we were close to the exit. We spent till about 2:30 in the nude and did not see them. At about 3:00 I pulled on short and jump on my mountain bike to look around and drop of the site payment at the main gate. This couple and their young son must not of heard me coming or didn’t care, because as I rode by mom and dad were sitting nude in lawn chairs and the little boy was busy at the picnic table also nude. I think you will find that if the camp grounds are not crowded, and you try to get out during the week, that you can camp nude with out any problems and may not be alone.

All this talk about nude camping in Canada has got me all nostalgic. Among my happiest childhood memories are summer camping trips with my parents, uncles, aunts, and nine cousins along the Arrow Lakes in BC. Gear, provisions and kids would be piled into canoes and we’d just go exploring for a few weeks. We didn’t think of ourselves as naturists, but since the mothers didn’t want to do laundry, nobody wore clothing except maybe shoes for inland hikes or when the evenings got chillier than the campfire could remedy. Alas all this was before the Keenleyside Dam and other Arrow Lakes development, and I haven’t been back for years, but it must still be a beautiful place to do some naturist hiking and camping.

The forestry trunk road is suppose to be great, Scale99. Friends of ours start down from Edson each year and travel as far down as they feel like going in 4 or 5 days. They like this area because you can use the camp grounds or just find a secluded spot. A big plus, they say, is on weekdays there is no one around camping, just the odd oil field and logging workers, and these people are always on the move. They told us you can go out driving and hiking around and just carry a couple towels, shorts and tee-shirts, but never put them on. My husband and I are going to try it ourselves in June, and then go with this couple in July. Only one caveat, they say if you get off the beaten path pulling a trailer and it rains heavy, 4 wheel drive is a must if you want to get out while it’s wet.

Thanks Sue, It’s been a number of years since we were up that way, There is a great road that takes you up to the Lake Miniwanka headwaters. We also used to go down river from the Ghost Dam. The spillway runs about 2 km over the black shale which warms the water. There is a great swimming hole. If you went on a week end there would be 50 to 100 people there a few of the braver ones ( like us) would go topless or nude. A few years ago after some idiot dived off the dam and hurt himself, Trans Alta fenced it off. I have heard that you can get to that area from the south side with a bit of work. Its been 20 years since we were there. I intend to check it out this summer. If you see a guy with just a cowboy hat and sandles riding a bike it may be me.

I have enjoyed some nude time during camping and would like to spend more time doing it now. Usually now during the summer when we go to the lake and camp, I sleep nude simply because it is so hot at night and also I enjoy it. If I can convince my wife to go out camping alone this summer, I would spend a lot of time without any clothes. We have done it in the past and I have done some skinny dipping and spent some time on shore naked, but my wife wasn’t comfortable with me being naked that long. I think now she would be more accepting of it and may even join me for part of the time. I have showered outside at campsites when we have been away from the other sites and enjoyed that time also. Guess that is part of what helped me become more of a nudist.

LOL!!!Naked camping is the only way to go!! I leave in about 12 hours with 2 of my close friends. To get to the “camp site” we have to park the trucks and dive by boat for about 15-20 mins (90 hp 3/4 throttle). About half way its clothes off!! the clothes only go back on if its cold (canada cold..about 0 deg or so) or if the mossies are on the hunt.. (bug spray isnt ment for certain areas!!) 2 years ago i fell alseep and when i woke up there was around 6 “fishing” boats in front of us..They all had a good chuckle and i am sure most were thinking about my friends wife that night..we didnt care and no one else did.. I can see how it would be a little awkward at a state camp ground..

I’m pleased to see others also enjoy camping nude. We in Canada and in our home province of Alberta have endless areas to camp. Most camp grounds on week days are empty or close to it. We have found you can be nude as much as you desire and no one seems to care. Except for long weekends you can find camp grounds that you can still be nude at least in your own site. We are also blessed with endless back country that on week days and weekend you can be nude from the time you arrive until your ready to leave. Just a suggestion to those who have a reluctant spouse who is willing to try nudity, but doesn’t want the beach/club presure. Talk it over, find a secluded spot and camp nude, they will truly enjoy this. No one around. Just totaly freedom. One day nude in the great outdoors and they will be hooked for life.

Hello Sue! You are so right! One day nude outdoors and people are hooked for life ๐Ÿ™‚ I was raised as a nudist so I don’t remember ever having worn clothes when camping and now that I have my own family we sort of continue the tradition. After all, what can be more pleasant and wonderful than not having to worry about what to wear? Besides..living nude at home as we do, it would be a little strange to go to a textile camping on holidays or for weekends ๐Ÿ™‚

Camping (trailer or tent) is a great way to spend a few days, and a great way to be in a setting where anyone you meet is likely to be at least tolerant of your nudity. I have fond memories of days spent in the high country around Yosemite, usually wearing nothing but hiking shoes, or skinny-dipping in the lake. . And my wife and I spend a lovely week camping around the Great Lakes region a few summers back – we made it a point to swim in each of the Lakes as we made our way around. If one is reasonable in picking a campsite, then skinny-dipping is no problem. . Now, if I could just do something about the bugs that always seem to accompany the shorelines….. Dum vivimus, vivamus!