X-Nudism.com Episode #142

We are back to the nudist beach to make a new film again. The name of today’s featured girl is Evgenia – she’s a professional dancer and sometimes she poses for professional photographers, including those working for erotic magazines. Evgenia admitted that nude posing never fails to give her some special kind of sexual enjoyment and that she’s never ashamed of her nude body. However, she was really surprised to hear that she was going to star in a film that would take place at a nudist beach. She just couldn’t imagine how she was going to get over her shyness and appear in front of other sunbathers naked. Still, we managed to talk her into doing this and We didn’t regret it! Evgenia was showing off at the nudist beach without a tiniest trace of shame. You can see that she’s got no trouble doing this. The revealing nude dance that she did for us (and for all the people around her) was just stunning. So … Get ready to enjoy a new picture scene from the nudist beach by X-Nudism.

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X-Nudism.com Episode #151

Linda’s friend once was photographed for our beach nudeness portal, and well we guess that we owe our luck of having this stunning babe posing nude for us to strictly competitive girlie stuff. This way or that, Linda walked straight into our studio and offered herself as a pin-up for our next beach nakedness picture set. We couldn’t possibly say ‘no’ to this suggestion, for when we saw the cover losing her top our jaws dropped. It was on the very next day that we took Linda to the nude beach and enjoyed a long and pleasurable photo session. Linda turned out to be a great girl in addition to her being a true lump of sugar with her petite frame and large shapely tits. Linda mentioned that she was a pilates enthusiast, which clearly showed in the way the cover was stretchy and flexible in assuming sexy poses for our cameraman. She was really excited to find herself gazed upon by dozens of horny men at the beach, and we are certain that you will enjoy her photo session as well at our usual nude beach for X-Nudism portal.

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X-Nudism.com Episode #149

The two girls who agreed to star in our project are called Olga and Sarah. They are bosom friends, so it’s no wonder why they share even the most secret things with each other. Olga told us that her friend had already been to a nudist beach – it was her ex-boyfriend who had invited her to try it. Since that time Olga had also been dreaming to visit a beach where she would be able to get absolutely naked and feel the touch of sun on the most secret corners of her body. The teens had no trouble getting rid of their clothes at the beach. Sarah told us that getting naked in front of each other was no sweat for them since they share one room in the dorm and are not ashamed of seeing each other’s bare booties. Sarah and Olga had a great time at the nude beach – the people around them were just astonished to see them playing in the sand jokingly. Wet bodies, warm sand – what else is needed for another scene by X-Nudism?!

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X-Nudism.com Episode #148

Another nudist beach and another blondie again. The lovely who got brave enough to take part in the film for X-Nudism is called Sandra. It’s worth noticing that she didn’t show a tiniest trace of shame when we said her that we were going to film her naked at a public beach. As it turned out, she had spent the previous spring break with her friends at the seaside and had been a regular visitor at the nudist beach located right next to the hotel. According to Sandra, she gets turned on by the open stares of total strangers at the nudist beach. This scene was made on a regular weekday, so there weren’t too many sunbathers at the city beach. Still, we have managed to make a handful of nice pics where Sandra was exposed right next to some strangers. When the film was over, Sandra told us she would like to take part in a more extreme scene… Well, we’re going to fulfill her request as soon as possible! 🙂

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X-Nudism.com Episode #144

Welcome to another X-Nudism beach shoot! We met this model, whose name is Christine, in a small cafe where she worked as a waitress. The uniform consisting of a pink blouse and black miniskirt fitted her to perfection. The moment she came up to our table we knew who is to fill the next chapter here. At first she was shocked and refused pointblank but then agreed to come and watch us working. The next day she appeared on our usual nude beach to observe me clicking of our professional camera and obviously jealous of another lovely showing off in front of our cam. We knew she couldn’t but agree. Oh, yes! The next morning we met on the beach to have an incredible nude session. At first the fact that Christine had to pose for our lensman in front of all those curious strangers put her off a bit, but within several minutes she got quite accustomed and did really brilliant! We enjoyed her curvy body and womanly moves, her sparkling eyes and the variety of foreshortenings she invented herself. We swear the day wasn’t wasted and we returned back home with a set of marvelous pics that are now available for you to admire.

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X-Nudism.com Episode #140

Here goes the next nudist beach film. Christina, the teen who agreed to take part in this film, charmed the photographer with her naturalness. She wasn’t ashamed to pose naked in front of strangers – it seemed like she was obviously enjoying the process of demonstrating the most secret corners of her body to the people around her. Needless to say, all the men passing her by were fascinated by her beauty, so it’s perfectly easy to understand their reaction. Christina has got a perfect body. Smooth pussy, perky titties, sporty slim body… When the scene was over, the lovely admitted that she had enjoyed it a lot. She told that the stares of the men she didn’t know at all were better than the most powerful aphrodisiac for her. All in all, we got an excellent nudist beach pic set and are glad to present it here at X-Nudism.com!

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X-Nudism.com Episode #139

Here comes another nudist beach shoot from the team of the X-Nudism.com portal. The today’s featured pin-up’s name is Veronica. We got acquainted with her right at the beach, so she didn’t have to pass the casting. Well, why make her do that if all the most seductive curves of her body were right in front of our eyes – the curves that only a blind man would not admire? She agreed to combine work with pleasure with great eagerness – and got a nice cash roll for taking part in the shoots in addition to her even bronze tan. So what do we know about Veronica? She’s a singer in one of new-wave rock groups. She dreams of big stage performances and the fame comparable to that of inimitable Courtney Love. Veronica had started sunbathing at the nudist beach in the beginning of this summer. She admitted that all the time she spends naked in front of strangers’ eyes makes sex with her boyfriend feel much better. By the way, she offered us to film a real porn film with her and her boyfriend starring in our studio. Well, we will consider that.

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X-Nudism.com Episode #137

When this cover knocked on our door she hadn’d known she was going to be our girl. Kat, which the name of this yummy cover, came to our studio to keep the company to her friend who was yet another volunteer to participate in our professional photo sessions that take place regularly on the nude beach you all know very well. While Kat’s friend was participating in the casting kat was looking at her rather enviously; Kat has a great body, and sure enough she was thinking that she would look even better in the flashes of our cameraman’s cam. And although that day Kat left without filing for our casting, after as little as a week she turned up again in our doorway, smiling somewhat shyly and offering herself as our model. We gladly accepted Kat’s generous offer and took her right away to the nude beach. Kat’s stripping attracted a helluva attention to our somewhat noisy group, but after a few minutes of passing confusion the teen started performing just great! Another appraisal goes for her skinny body which is in great shape. Chek it out in our new nude beach set at X-Nudism.com!

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Shock in Town Episode #123

We couldn’t miss this chick from the very beginning. This wicked posh blonde was one of the regulars on our usual nude beach but she always appeared there with a large company and was so absorbed with all those people we hadn’t a single chance to talk to her. Today she also was there, naughty and aggressive but infernally attractive as ever! It is hard to believe but she was posing nude for some guy with an amateur camera. She was doing it so well we couldn’t stay away any more. So we interrupted the impromptu session to offer the blond our humble service. To our utter surprise she agreed eagerly! Martha, the hot blonde teen, was irresistible. Her posing attracted so much attention it wasn’t easy for me to concentrate. But the teen totally adored this general attention and amazed us all with her moves and poses as well as with the way she was playing in front of our camera. Good cover, Martha! Because of your gift we managed to produce one of the hottest sets of photos from the nude beach at X-Nudism ever. Must be seen to be believed…

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X-Nudism.com Episode #136

Never doubt another X-Nudism hot beach scene is on the way. That day we had no cover for our nude session and wasn’t sure at all we will find one. But habits are really powerful in us, so we simply took the camera and went to our favorite nude beach to waste away the day. We were peacefully dosing in the sun when two posh blonds came up and announced they knew who we were as they saw us many times on the beach clicking our camera with our models. The next moment they were begging us to scene them together! Looking at their shapely breasts and tight asses we realized that we couldn’t refuse. The couple of chicks who offered us their service turned out to be sisters, Angela and Kate. From the very beginning of our session we knew we were a pretty bunch of lucky bastards! The girls were totally full of ideas and whims, they made our work a yummy piece of cake. They posed and played the way not every professional lovely could. The sisters looked so wonderful together we couldn’t stop thinking they are NEVER apart! Oh, how absolutely right we were when after our session the girls thanked us their own way. But this is not the point here and you are welcome to enjoy another brilliant set of pics from the nude beach at X-Nudism

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