Thanks Sue! I almost always go nude in ordinary public campgrounds and until your post I thought I was the only one who did! I do the same thing as you. I go up in the middle of the week to a campground I know will not be crowded at that time. As soon as my little tent goes up, my clothes come off, and I stay that way until it gets too chilly or the bugs start to bite. In all the years I have done this, I have never had any problems. Quite often I will have the whole campground to myself or else I pick a secluded spot, and can spend the day sunning, skinny-dipping in the creek, foraging for wild greens, or just sitting under a tree and reading a book, all without the bother of clothes. During those times of the year when the campgrounds get too crowded to get away with that, I simply bring my backpack and hike a few miles into the backcountry to set up camp away from everyone else. I have been doing this sort of thing for over 30 years and simply love it. Annie

On the two trips I mentioned we had no other people in the camp sites. On a trip in early September there was only one couple in their late fifties on another site. We were able to set up a fair distance from these people, and spent our first day nude in our camp. On the second morning my husband rode through the camp grounds on his mountain bike, and when he came back he told me he must have caught the gentleman off guard as he was sitting in a lawn chair and had not quite had enough time to cover up the fact he was nude with a towel.We spent the day nude as usual. Late in the afternoon my husband spotted the gentleman walking his dog down the road, he was wearing shorts and sneakers. I disappeared in to our trailer but my husband just sat in his chair and made no attempt to cover up. The gentleman stopped talk to my husband for a few minutes and left. I watch as he walked only a short distance stopped, remove his shorts, and carried on walking now in the nude.My husband told me that the man told him that his wife and him picked this camp ground as it gave them the chance to be out nude, and that seeing we were of the same mind set was just wonderful. We spent four more days at this site and ran in to these people several times, them and us always nude. I think this activity is more prevalent then most people think.

  1. Our family spends a lot of time camping nude. Wether it be as a family or just a “weekend getaway” for me and my husband. Nowadays we pretty much stick to campgrounds and nudist clubs where we are free to be nude. But at the nude beach we frequent, the campgrounds themselves are not nude. During the summer we try to get one of the campsites that is as close as possible to the nude part of the beach. Although during the day nudity is difficult around the campsites( other than of course inside a trailer or RV) we are down on the beach anyway. Then when it gets dark and we go back to the site, we are usually nude despite the fact that technically you are not supposed to be. We have been doing this for years without incident. If you find a good site, its not an issue. In more rural areas and such, it is possible to camp nude, even at “non-nude campgrounds” as long as you are carefull. We have been camping in the mountains and not seen anyone for days at a time. Although thecnically we were not at a nudist venue, there was no one there anyway so it didnt matter. Jenn

  1. Being in Canada we have less restrictive laws then some other areas. It is not against the law for a woman to be topless. If you are wearing flip-flops, a cap, you are technically not nude. You have to be charged by the Attorney General from a report filed by the police. They have a history of not pursuing simple nudity complains unless your acting in a lewd manner. We have good friends who have camped like this for years, and have never had any problems. Like they told us just don’t be silly about being nude, you would have a problem.

  1. I have done this for many years now and it wasn’t until recently that we bought a travel trailer. That actually improves the opportunities to do this as the trailer can be positioned to screen/shield us from the rest of the campground if we position it right. I love the outdoors and that is why I enjoy naturism so much I feel so much more a part of the natural world when I am nude in nature. I used to be a member of a group called the Camping Bares of San Diego great bunch of people they introduced me to many unique and off the beaten path places on public land that was nude friendly in fact in over 15 years of going on camping trips I only had one or two negative reactions. I have even taken to nude hiking and find it very refreshing but normally I do that in truly remote areas not accessible via a vehicle at least one or two miles from a road. As I recognize the effects of ageing on my body I will no doubt do more RV type camping but I hope to be able to do quite a bit of day hiking for years to come. My wife was never very interested in nudism but she has enjoyed it at times she is more comfortable in the company of her own family nude around the house not so much in favor of nude beaches or resorts but she has in the past. I think in the future this is a good way to compromise in that we can enjoy some comfortable nudity in a nice quiet campground with all the comforts of home. If I can manage a few trips to the nearby nude resort then so much the better. P.S. By the way allnaturalwife, if you are talking about San Onofre I have a tip for you. Try to get a pass to camp just down the road at the RV spot on base at the Las Pulgas exit. It is a great spot and nude camping there is a snap! Plus you are just a short bike or hike away from the beach. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. — Robert Frost

I have mainly been a back yard nudist, however, I have long practiced skinnydipping in our local parks. Again like most in this post, I find the week days to be the easiest to practice my skinnydipping. On fairly rare occasions I will venture out of the motorhome nude for short jaunts to the trash area or down to the waters edge. Much more often I will stroll around wearing only a towel. I have plans to attend my first clothing optional area this spring and may come away more likely to spend more time outside in the parks close to home, perhaps carrying the towel rather then wearing it 🙂 Nudity – enjoy it with abandon but tempered by discretion.

After this discussion, I remembered one instance in which I was “caught” camping nude. I was camping at Joshua Tree National Park in California, and had picked what I thought was a remote site within one of the campgrounds. One morning after finishing my shower, I was sitting at the picnic table in long underwear bottoms, but topless, putting on my makeup. Four guys happened to walk by at that moment and glanced over. One of them said in a fairly loud voice to his friends, but obviously intended for me to hear as well, “I didn’t know this was a clothing-optional park”. I looked over my shoulder at them, but they were already on their way. I decided to put a T-shirt on after that, and to be more careful in my campsite selection. I don’t think they were too offended, but one never knows.

We have been nude camping for over 20 years. ANC35228 if you use some common sense picking and setting up your camp you can be nude the entire time your there. We spent 14 days on one trip nude. We only dressed to go get wood, drop of payment for the site and two trips out for supplies. Like I said I think this is a great way for newbies and home nudists to get outdoors and enjoy them selfs without the crowds. As well as camping my wife and I like hiking in the nude, and I like to ride my mountain bike nude. Anniebare we have had people make comments to us while camping, hiking and I get them all the time because I ride my bike, mid week day mornings, on the country back roads around the area we live. None of the comments we have ever heard, were negative about our nudity. The comment made to you I would not take as negative. We believe lots of people like the nudist idea, they just need to stop thinking and start doing. The most common statement we hear is “I wish I had the guts to do that ( be nude)”. To which we reply,” What’s stopping you”. We can, and are, changing perceptions of friends, family and even strangers who see us enjoying some form of nudism. Being a little bolder with our nudity, in a none offensive manner, gets people thinking and talking about nudists. Anniebare, your being topless may have started a discussion where these guys, decide they too have to admit to enjoying being nude at home, and that if, like you, they want to be nude out camping, why not.

One day about 15 years ago I was camping at a lake with my dad and some friends. I was around 12-13 at the time and it was the middle of the week and not very crowded. One day me and my friend were walking back from the general store at the lake and took a short cut through some trees and ran into a nudist couple that were about in their 30s and their young son. Once they saw us they covered up in towels and kinda looked embarrassed. While my friend was drooling at the sight of a nude women, I thought it was no big deal and it would be a cool to hang around on the beach and soak up some sun without any clothes. We went back there the next day cause my friend wanted to see the women again but they were gone. Maybe moved somewhere else or left all together, but whoever they are I would like to thank them as they probably got me started on nudism.

We are fellow Albertans from the Calgary area that enjoy being nude (around home mainly) and enjoy camping but have been afraid to tie the two together. There have been a couple of posting here about camping and we are curious if someone could suggest where to go. We like going out to the Kananaskis because it’s close and areas around Nordegg. Our extent of nudity has been changing in the campsite, skinny dipping and wandering around the site in a sarong. I myself have wandered up river in th Weasel head. There are some great secluded spots there to enjoy the sun especially during the week.