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Hi Kate, Sailor and Asher, I must say, I am deeply concerned about all of these "Seattle Sun" pictures popping up. Ever since Emmett Watson (of the lesser Seattle Chamber of Commerce) died people just talk about sun, sun, sun... Well I am here to tell you it just isn't true. Seattle rains all of the time. Well almost all of the time. There are just enough sunny days to get some stock photos of Mt Rainier so you can do photoshop fakes in front of them. The picture in the jeans and the picture on the log -- taken on the FOURTH of JULY!!! (See if some Seattle natives don't write in to confirm that we thought we were going to be washed into the sea for independence day) That is real Seattle sunshine! I happened to be lucky enough to be out at Alki on the one real sunny day we had this summer, and I think you can see goose bumps even on that one. P.S. My statements are meant in fun... I don't mean to impugn the folks posting sun pictures. The recent transplants just don't seem to understand that sun in Seattle is supposed to be a little secret for the natives only. Long live Emmett, Long live Sweet Lou, Long live Don James, Long live that new kid Neuheisel.

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Hello to all our fans. It's been a while since we sent in anything to We've been busy over at These were taken on one of our trips to Key West last year. We went to a bar called the Garden of Eden. It sits on top of a three story building and it isclothing optional! As we are always ready and willing to take our clothes off, we had to check it out.In the far corner, a guy was doing body painting, and J had to have one. For all who ask, it's suppose to be a wolf, but I think he was having problems with J grinding her pussy into his dick. He must have enjoyed it because he spent about an hour and a half on her. If you'd like to see more of our vacations in Key West or our movies, come on over and check us out at:

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