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Fooling around with my hubby and he squeezed off a few a good shots so to speak :) You can see my past contribs at nudistmembers make sure you click the proper enter here to get in. I don't have a big long story for this set except that I had a great time and I got my surprise at the end. Look forward to reading the comments (Good or Bad) . It's almost been a year I have been posting on nudist(mainly on the BB I started sometime around June 1st) and It's just as fun now as it was the first time. I have talked to a lot of interesting people and had a blast exchanging pics on the BB. I just want to say thanks to everyone who makes this so much fun. Even the guys with the Bad comments as some of them are pretty creative. And when is Proud Canadian going to do a Full nudistcontrib, maybe I just keep missing her:)

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Hey Kate, what a great site, the absolute best ! Please never quit. I am a voyeur-holic from way back and enjoy the voy-zone immensely, what a great, safe way to get a fix, we need you ! Hehehehe. Being also a camera nut for years, I have a large collection of photos of naked (or almost) woman. I finally got up the nerve to send a few of my girl. Have been more of a looker than a shower, but this may be fun also. Also feeling guilty viewing everyone else?s woman without showing mine, so here are a few I have in my digital files. She?d kill me if she knew I took them let alone put them on the web for all the world to see. You won't tell, will you, hehehe. Have more, if you all like. Story: Canoe: My baby sometimes likes to sunbathe in the buff and sleep in the bottom of my canoe when we paddle or float around the lake. I had a new camera and was looking at it, studying the new controls and clicking the shutter etc. So it went unnoticed when I loaded it with film, put it on full program and auto focus and snapped off a couple of her while she slept. I was impressed with the auto functions. Woods: Riding through the Black Hills we found a place to play in the woods. I went off to relieve myself and grabbed my camera. Snuck around the trees more towards the front of her, she?s looking for me over there, and snapped off a couple as she waited for me to return. These were the first nude pics I took of her so I was shaking with anticipation of the thought of it,as one blurry pic will tell. photoman

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