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Hello! I'm back with some pictures we took this week. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and it's starting to show! We took advantage of the sunshine in the conservatory for some more natural shots. Thank you for all your positive comments, and because I'm obedient, we've taken on-board what you lot want to see... so less clothes (actually, mostly none - blush!) and for you nudistpeople, I've been more explicit for you with open leg shots (blush again!). We hope you enjoy looking as much as we did taking! This is my second baby, and as you can see, no stretch marks from the first, so don't worry that my body will get "ruined" as some of you commented. I still produce a lot of milk from my first but my breasts seem to be getting even larger, and my nipples too, and apart from my tummy which is expanding, my labia are growing too! what's that all about!? I do try to reply to all your comments, but having a young and growing family restricts the time we can spend on-line, so sorry if we miss you. Bye for now! BTW, I got Andrew to comment on the pics. I'm his muse after all!

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Out west stands the highest concentration of natural sandstone bridges in the world. Arches National Park is a place that looks like time has stood still for a million years, yet it's constantly changing everyday. The only sound was the whispering wind and an occasional Harley with purrrring straight pipes. The park has rules, carry out what you bring in, don't leave any trace you were there. We took these shots early one morning as the park was just opening and on into the day, as we traveled around taking in the grand spectacle. I know I've said this before but it is the biggest turn on for me to be naked outside posing for the camera, knowing you'll be watching. I love it and hope you can sense my thrill. Thanks to all of you who've taken time to leave me messages on my contris. It's appreciated more than you know. Please stop by and say hi if you can. Luv, Natasha xoxo

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