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Me and my husband were feeling naughty late Saturday night so at 11 we got ready and went to a local bar where the crowd is usually a little younger(25-30), and have been lots of sexy people hanging out the few times we had been. The plan was... he would drop me at the door and come in after by 10 minutes and meet at the bar. We were going to be strangers. We thought at very least we could tease and mess with some people and see if anyone bit and hit on one of us. Wow, we didn't have a clue what a great idea we had came up with. What happened was my husband and the young, tall, tone, very hot bartender hit it off with stuff in common. I thought they were buddies or friends for a minute. When the Mr. went to the restroom he started to flirt and soon we were all 3 involved in the conversation and it was getting dirtier as the bartender would lean over with comments so other patrons couldn't hear. The bartender started to look at me more and more and longer as we flirted back and forth. My Mr kept nudging me on my leg. You I could tell he wanted to say "get dirty and let the slut out...what you got? I put on my game and started to make comments so obvious only "lets go Fuck" would have been more clear. I started to lick my lips, flutter my eyes, put on a lust face and unbutton a few extra buttons on my blouse to show more of my juicy tits. It was closing in on last call so I had to make my move. I told both my husband (stranger that night)and sexy bar guy that I was hoping for company back at my house a few miles away and for a little night cap party and hopefully it's a wild one. Then I slipped off to the bathroom hoping hubby would talk him into it by saying he was going yet not scare him off at the same time. The bar tender actually said "let's go in? It was on from there? When I got back I jiggled the keys, asked if the boys were ready and said follow me. Once we got to the house I sat the boys situated on a big bed like couch, got them drinks, lowered the lights and started a hot mfm porn. I commented that I was feeling kinda horny with a laugh then excused myself to the bedroom. I stopped on the second stair, bent over to show my legs and ass as my skirt rode up and I loosened the straps on my slut heels. I freshened up, put on sexy lingerie and returned almost naked. The talking completely stopped when they saw me and for a hour I slowly teased, danced, threw my legs and feet in the air showing everything but my wet pussy. I could see each of them hurting to be naked and touched. We all went several rounds, starting off slow, lots of touching, and then hard, fast and loud. We are ready and need to do it again this Saturday. Maybe this time a hot female or two

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Sarah Fun - Fun - Fun - I don't know what is up with nudist lately, but I've posted some sets and they took forever to go up. Anyhow, I hope this one was worth the wait. Yes, Yes, I have gotten all of your E-mails and it took a long time to respond. I am sorry! =) Well, where do I start. School has been kicking my butt, and I have been doing very well lately. Got an "A" on my speech last friday, which I am very proud of. Everytime I go to the fridge, it's staring me right in the face. yay! By the way. Those of you that keep sending me pics of yourself. You guys are so cute! I love that there are so many of you trying to get me over "What's his name?" haha. But honestly, I'm just not ready to start dating again. However, those of you that are sending me nude pics...nice! This nudist thing is getting a lot funner than I expected. =)

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