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Hello Kate, this is my best friend. We recently went to the West coast of Florida for a shoe convention. We are in business together and happen to travel with eachother all the time. One day hanging out by the pool we totally got drunk and decided to come inside and fool around. This had never happen before since she does have a steady boyfriend. But I confessed to really being turned on by her lovely breast and wanting to play with them. So with a little persuasion she gave in (not to mention the promise to lick her beautiful pussy & ass). I causally whipped out the camcorder (hoping to be able to film her). At first she was cool with it, but after just a few minutes she wanted me to turn it off. So I pretended to turn it off and left it sitting facing the couch. Sorry, for the quality but it was on the spur of the moment. Enjoy, and if the comments are good I might just have more.

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Everyone vacations but me. I swear I'm the only one in my office who went abso-fucking-lutely nowhere this month LOL! Its like workin on my site, takin pics, and browsing voy-zone are the only breaks I get. My hot co-worker joked he'd take me but he's still playing things sly so its a tease. That bastard! Maybe he won't make a move but will ask me away to see if I'd go, like it reveals that I'd fuck him or whatever. Why are guys too scared to make a move nowadays? Maybe a few lawsuits ruined it for everyone. Now there's an argument for "tort reform". HA! But it's like my friend Dori says, "when you can't go to the sun you tan sunless" I totally fucking agree! :)

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