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Hi Crew & Viewers! As you may have guessed by the title, my birthday just passed at the end of Jan. I mentioned in my post from last week that I would share a little of my night with ya'll! Can we play some birthday games?!?! Whoever can guess what my age is will recieve a special mail from me, if you leave your correct address!! Good luck guys...and cant wait to hear these guesses! LOL Do me a favor...in the note you leave with your guess, let me know if you are in RC! If so...just simply type an "R" there somewhere. For those of you who arent and dont get the answer correct, I will mail you with my age, just so you know! Now, for the nudistpart of this game. I will submit another part there with the most obvious clue of the true answer! Hehehe....This should be fun! Its been sometime since I've posted in nudistso I cant wait to see ya'll there! Enjoy and hope to hear what you think of these shots! There will be a part two of this series in nudist so if you think you need a few more pics to make your decision, they should be up in the next couple of days! LOL By the way B.O.B "reads" Party All Night! Which is exactly what it did! *Wink xxx Michele

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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the nudist Yearbook, where you can see many of your favorites from the nudist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse through it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! Valedictorian ~Lara~ always comes out on top. She is a true perfectionist, studying anything she can get her hands on in order to improve her skills as well as to learn new ones. Her willingness to assist anyone with any "hard" or "sticky" situation is well-known throughout the school... so much so that people always say she is the first to give you the shirt off of her own back. She can always be counted on to give her full effort in everything she does (she never stops with just the shirt!) ~Lara~ is a top student in Ms. Dee's class, volunteering to lead every extra-credit project. And though she never is called to Principal HiHeels' office due to misbehaving, she freqents the office as a volunteer to assist with filing, dictation and whatever else might be needed. Seeing her bent over a file drawer in the princpial's office is a regular event. ~Lara~ spends long hours in the library with chemistry whiz Dragon Princess and math tutor Wyorae, organizing study groups for other students, especially Celeste and co-cheerleaders Nikki and Nina. She often stays afterward to assist Ms. Merci with additional "research". Her only known vice developed recently... an unexplainable tendency to return all her library books late. ~Lara~ frequently works with soccer coach Cherokee and track coach Heide, stretching and practicing her ball- and baton-handling techniques alongside track star Meg. She also spends large amounts of time perfecting lip and fingering techniques with band member Samantha and orchestra teacher OHWife, which is how ~Lara~ became known as "the girl whose lips you'd most like to have wrapped around you". Enjoy your new yearbook, and please don't forget to sign our memory pages!

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