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THE TRUE STORY: ) 3.5 years ago I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years. Well needless to say depression caught me and I started to drink too much. At the begging of summer my favorite bar hired a new waitress, Tracy. A sweet 19 year old hot young thing! Shortly after being hired she found out I was computer savvy and started hang out with me and 2 of my friends. Well a couple of weeks into the summer she asked if I could take her pictures and put them on the web the summer just got better. What could a guy do but say yes. My friends and I had several nights of fun taking pictures of her at my place. One of my friends even sampled the goods, DAMN HE WAS LUCKY. Well all I can say is thank you Tracy for getting me out of my slump. I resisted posting these pictures until I found your site.There was allot of downloading pictures

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This episode finds our heroine, GangBangMomma (AKA STCL), pinned down on a hotel bed by two lusty man-pigs. As she gets penetrated viciously and deeply in two of her three holes, does she beg for help or scream for assistance? NO! She begs for more and screams a€?HARDERa€™! Is this the END of GangBangMomma? Has she finally met her match? Or will she drain their balls before they can finish her off, leaving her assailants limp and spent to crawl awaya€¦ until next time? You betcha! Hey! Want something NICE? Leave a sweet comment and a superb vote and then keep watching for part three, and Ia€™ll tell you how to get it. PERVERT!!!!

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