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I am here to tell you a story. This story is about a very intense and fascinating experience. After sending our first contributions to nudist (thanks again to you all for our award), Vittoria and I decided to make one of our wildest and most daring fantasy come true. The gods were with us, and only a few days after we initiated our search, the most sensual and attractive girl we ever met, an incarnation of sensuality and beauty, got in touch with us. She shared with Vittoria her curiosity and was very excited at the thought of having such moment immortalized by my camera. She came home by a sunny afternoon. Both undressed upon my instruction, sitting on the leather couch wrapped in a sole white towel. Seeing their naked bodies standing next to each other, I realized that the contrast between two very different conceptions of beauty, a sweet athletic and tiny nymph and a callipygian venus, was fascinating. I told them to slowly uncover their bodies while exchanging kisses and caresses. At first, their kisses were soft, hesitating. The touch of their strokes very light. I then asked them to move to the bedroom, lie on the bed. While I was taking pictures of them kissing each other's faces while kneeling in front of each other, I noticed their hands were slowly moving towards move intimate parts of their bodies. I asked them to start kissing, nibbling and sucking each other nipples. Excited by the pleasure, both lost their inhibitions at once. Our guest grabbed Vittoria's face suddenly, holding her head firmly against hers, and both engaged in the most deep, wild and passionate french kiss I ever witnessed. I dropped my camera for a second, watching their arousing and desperate embrace, but deeply troubled, by fear of loosing my bearing, I dived back behind the reassuring interface of my lens. I instructed our guest to lie on the bed, and Vittoria to lie on her and taste her. She slowly ran her tongue from the girl's cute nipples, down between her breasts, tickling her belly button. I noticed her hesitation, when she reached the outskirts of the nymph's intimacy, circling her tongue on the girls inner thighes and on the borders of her lips, intimidated by the appetizing scented wetness. This is when my digital card got full. We had run out of time, and before I could free up space, our guest had to leave. I questionned Vittoria on how she was feeling. She shared with me that she got intensely aroused, that she was terribly wet. She admitted that she got intimidated, but was also frustrated that it ended up so quick. We decided to invite our guest soon for another shot, which I will share with you soon on voy-zone.

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Kate, Thanks to everyone for the great comments on my wife's last contri "Masked Voyeur". We really enjoyed reading the many suggestive comments. They made for some pretty intense love making! She received numerous requests asking for see through clothing and decided to go for the soft feminine touch. I really enjoy this side of my wife as she always desires to be held and cuddled when in this mood. I always look forward to any opportunity to cuddle and stroke her silky soft body. Hope your viewers enjoy our latest contribution to your fantastic web site. We are having so much fun the possibilities are endless. Please post these pictures in the "Private Shots" section and title them "Angel-n-White". Thanks,

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