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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the nudist Yearbook, where you can see many of your favorites from the nudist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse through it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! Ms. Lauren is one of two nudist School Home Economics Teachers. Her class deals more with sewing while Ms. Denice’s class concentrates more on cooking. Ms.Lauren’s classes are some of the best attended at nudist School by both the girls and the boys. The girls like to design new clothing and model it while the boys watch (with $1 bills in hand). Ms.Lauren has designed the cheerleading outfits for Bi-Captains of the cheerleading squad, Nikki~ and Mistress Nina. The pleats are perfect for wide range of leg separation unhindered by panties. Ms. Lauren designed the track and soccer uniforms seen on track star Meg and soccer Coach Cherokee. Again, ease of movement and easy access to critical areas are innovative features Ms. Lauren has come up with. Ms. Lauren’s current project is designing loin cloth uniforms for the gymnastic team. Ms. Lauren is not only a great designer but a wonderful teacher. She gives special attention to the students that seem to be having a hard time at school. Bad girls Dela, Celeste, Giselle, and Truancy Queen Rose are often seen in Ms. Laurens room after school in various stages of undress, we assume trying on new designer clothes from Ms. Lauren. Ms. Lauren taught Class Valerdictorian ~Lara~ how to remove buttons from a blouse with her teeth. Helping out Theatre Arts Teacher CutiePie and Performing Arts Student Michelle with costume designs and quick change routines has been instrumental in the success of the nudist School Plays. Perhaps her crowning achievement was in the costume designs for the production of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Class Clown Banjo and nudist School mASScot LeggyLee are frequent visitors to Ms.Lauren’s class. They both like making quick release clothing for their fun and entertainment. Seeing Banjo or LeggyLee rip all their clothing off in 1 second with one hand is quite a sight! Ms. Lauren helps all the teachers and staff in any way she can. She has been seen in Mr. Thunderclouds science room many times apparently measuring his inseam repeatedly and checking zipper operation. She often stops by Ms.BZ’s art room to watch the body finger-painting and has been known to join right in. She is the exclusive designer of Ms. Merci’s skirts and has started a new line of garter belts for her called “Shhhhhhhh”. Ms. Lauren is a popular teacher at nudist School and very generous of her time and efforts and is so well know for her sexy fashions. This is why Ms. Lauren was voted “Teacher most likely to keep raise your hem”. Enjoy your new yearbook, and please don't forget to sign our memory pages!

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It's been wonderful to get so much positive feedback from my first post...everyone has asked for more so here we go... This first set (on the phone) was taken with a camera-in-a-box by one of my slave's g/fs...while she is away from me (we live in seperate states but travel to see each other 1-2x/month), she is required to have one roll of film taken of her in nude or semi-nude poses, and then develop it herself (which is a turn on for me as well...the thought of her having to return to those one- hour developpers after they have seen her slutting around!). Anyway, this night she was a little plowed and was here on the phone speaking to me outside a bar when someone came up to her and was flirting...I told her to flash him while her friend took pics, and then allow him to grab her tits...that is what you see here... the next few are just random shots taken in san francisco: payless shoes, sunday brunch, and out in the street...hope you enjoy! Please post your comments, the little lady responds quite well to these!! Dr. Benway Please post as: Flashing Slave 2

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