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Well after digging around on your very nice web sight I noticed you love butt shots.......well have I got a booty for you and your contest :} This BABE is my wife and shes now 36, yes 36, and very sexy still!!!! If you dont mind I'd be glad if you'd enter her in the contest for Oct. If she wins great, if she dosent then what she gets as a response from the public will more than boost her self image. Yes she knows we have these pics but she has no idea that I'm sending them for the veiwing pleasure of you and your patrons.....Sooner or later she'll find out but I'm betting when she does she'll have a diffrent veiw of showing her sexy body to make men grow hard and shudder at the thought of having wild exciteing sex with this HOT WIFE. Anyway you can call this "Goin out on a limb"

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Shannon Xxoo - Outside Fun - Hi Y'all!!! So previously I submitted pics to Voyeur Web showing my first outside pictures. I got so excited during the pictures that I just had to go down on my hubby!!! I loved being naked outside and love giving head, so the two seemed to flow nicely together... :-) As an FYI, we took these pictures at the beginning of a trail very close to a busy road and small parking lot. While finishing these shots, a car made a quick u-turn and parked right by our car, but left as we approached when we were done. I am sure they saw what we were up to...and that just made things that more exciting!!!

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