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I am going to send several contris, since there are about 30 pix. I went to South Beach in Miami two weeks ago with my Sony Mavica. I just walked around, taking pictures of the "scenery." A couple are wearing bathing suits; when they walked onto the beach I took what I hoped was a "before" to go with the "after" but didn't get lucky. They looked nice anyway. The first young lady liked her funobagos as much as I did. She was also aware of the camera, so I didn't get her face like I wanted. The pictures named i01, i02, etc. I think were fakobagos. PDPMEM, and don't reply to this e-mail address either. My wife is temporarily sharing this address with me, and I prefer to live.

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I was going through some old boxes and came across some polaroids of my(at that time) 22 year old wife (now ex). These are from the 70's so aren't quite as good as the modern stuff but her body is still worth seeing. Now with the web, I can share these with the whole whole world. No one else has seen these. Hope you enjoy..We were pretty free spirited then and she wanted to screw the neighbor guy, whose girlfriend had moved out. She would appear at the window nude or sunbathe beside the house so he could see. He finally asked if he could do her and I have a few pics of that also, which I can post to Red Clouds if anyone wants to see more of her...

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