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She asked me if I was open to the idea of nudism

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Let me just start off by saying a little about myself. I’m a 25 year old male and was brought up in a home where nudity wasn’t prohibited, but it was understood that nudity was a personal thing. I can’t honestly remember ever seeing anyone naked growing up. I did however like to be naked by myself and occasionally swim nude in our pool. I could hardly consider myself a nudist.

Now onto my first experience, which happened just this past weekend. My aunt and uncle invited me to go with them to the desert for the weekend to ride their quads and 4×4. Basically just a getaway. It had been a little over a year since I had seen them and we got to catching up about what’s new in our lives. It was then that they told me that they were trying nudism. The way that my aunt said it was kind of “tongue-in-cheek” so I thought she was kidding. So I said, “If you do it, I’ll do it,” in a joking tone. Nothing else was said about it during the rest of the drive.

After a day of riding and having a great time, I went into their travel trailer to get cleaned up while my uncle headed off into town to get more gas for the next day. My aunt was getting cleaned in the shower so I just started watching tv. After a few minutes, she comes out of the small shower completely nude. After taking a brief look, my instincts were to look away at the tv. She then sat directly across from me and started running a comb through her hair. Having never seen her like this, I saw that she was in tremendous physical shape for a woman in her mid forties. Noticing that I seemed uncomfortable, she asked if she should cover up. I told her that she didn’t have to, it was her trailer and she should do as she pleased. I then got up and took a shower. After exiting the ridiculously tiny bathroom (fully clothed), I took the same seat across from her and started to watch tv again. She asked me if I was open to the idea of nudism and what I thought about it. We started chatting and I noticed that I got used to her being naked, and it became easier to talk to her. She had covered herself with a blanket from the waist down, so it seemed that talking to my “topless” aunt was easier than talking to my “totally nude” aunt. I had told her about my “closet nudist” activities in the past. She told me that social nudism is far easier if you just ‘go for it’ rather than second guessing whether you’ll fit in. By this time, my uncle had made it back and was jumping into the shower. I told her that my main worry was getting an erection, in front of my aunt no less. She told me that that’s a common fear and that it probably wouldn’t happen. But if it did, it’s not something to be embarrassed about, it’s a normal thing. She then got up to make dinner in the kitchen/living area (yea, it’s that small!). After our conversation, I didn’t really mind that she was totally nude again. Paying more attention to preparing the meal, she asked if I was interested in trying social nudism with them. I told her that I would like to. So using her ‘just go for it’ motto, I stripped off everything right then. “Good for you” she said. Almost instantly, my fear was realized. As soon as that last stitch was off, and she turned around, I got an instant full-on erection. She just looked at me in the eye and said “relax, the hard part’s over.” I sat down and went back to trying to concentrate on the television show. After a few deathly, embarrassing moments, I realized something very interesting. I did not get an erection because I was turned on by my aunt (thank god!), I got one because I was naked “in front of her.” Having never been in this position before, I was reacting to it with a sexual feeling, where it had nothing to do with sex. Once I realized that there was nothing sexual about nudism, I relaxed a lot.

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Then my uncle came out of the shower and my embarrassment emerged again. My whole life, I have been on the skinny side and have had poor self esteem because of it. But I could tell instantly that I was physically ,ahem, smaller than him in every way! We ended up talking about that and how self acceptance is really a huge part of nudism. Those three days were probably the most freeing days I’ve ever had. I came away from this trip with a feeling of optimism and great self acceptance and self esteem. In a way, stripping away the clothes freed me from self loathing. I can’t wait till the next trip!

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