YouTube Censorship Gives All Users the Power to Censor

A little over a week ago, I went into our YouTube station with strategies to upload a new mp4. But before I could do this, I was smacked with a warning. Our short naturist promo movie was reported by a user, reviewed by a YouTube admin (I imagine) and taken down for violating the Terms of Use.
The transgressing video:
YouTube has become so huge, they’ve basically lost control over their content. So what’s their alternative?
To put it differently, users now have the power to determine what is and is not overly obscene for YouTube. It doesn’t matter if the movie has been on the website for years and collected hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. It does not even matter if the report is reviewed by a YouTube admin, who presumably makes the final decision on leaving it up or removing it. Because, were it not for that one user who reported the movie, it’d still be sitting on YouTube getting more perspectives.
All it takes is one piqued viewer and a couple of clicks, and the mp4 is gone.
In a clip on the best way to censor flag content, YouTube actually describes how the users are now accountable for helping track content. Though they refer folks to their (vague and nearly worthless) community guidelines, in this avi they state, “That Is why we rely on our community of over 280 million people to help flag content they consider is unsuitable. The YouTube flag is the most significant tool for telling us about content you believe shouldn’t appear on YouTube.”
(They’ve a new, shorter version of this howto avi, but I find the old one is inadvertently more honest.)
So YouTube is essentially like, “well our website is so vast, we are only going to hand off this monitoring responsibility thing to our 280 million users!” Really sneaky, YouTube! In the mind of the user, YouTube would now seem considerably less responsible for what seems on the website.
So we are supposed to believe that 280 million people, and YouTube reviewers, are capable of equally applying some obscure community guidelines to report improper content. Or if not the guidelines, they could just report content depending on what they believe. Solid plan, right? What could possibly FAIL?
What exactly happens if a clip was really unjustly removed? In the case of our clip, I could not find any way to appeal it. It is like they just took that option away, and it was a done deal. So we are stuck with a 6-month strike, whether it was justified or not.
A few months past, I’d created a parody “Facebook Look Back” avi to make a point about Facebook censorship. This is why it’s so funny they state “we encourage free speech” in the flagging video above.
This censorship is absolutely idiotic. I believed Facebook was the evil empire of Internet censorship, but Google (Google possesses YouTube) is worse.
Why was our mp4 removed? I can just assume the violating part was the two bare female breasts.
“Most nudity just isn’t allowed, especially if it is in a sexual context. Ordinarily if your mp4 is meant to be sexually provocative, it is more unlikely to be acceptable for YouTube. You will find exceptions for some informative, documentary, scientific, and artistic content, but only if that is the one reason for the mp4 and it’s also not gratuitously graphic. For instance, a documentary on breast cancer would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the documentary mightn’t be.”

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This policy is vague and inherently subjective. There aren’t any concrete guidelines. Art is always subjective. What is nudity just? What is art? What qualifies Driving naked is like having a mobile nudist resort! I mean ?
YouTube did not consistently have the policies it’s now. At one time, nudity wasn’t even let on the site. Span. But I am confident they recognized no nudity meant censoring numerous works of art. So in 2010 they changed their policy to permitting nudity in the context of art. There’s only one problem. Who decides what’s art and what is not?
Having no specific guidelines means every user is at the mercy of every other user and YouTube admin. The censorship becomes completely haphazard and inconsistent. Uploading a avi with any sort of taboo content is like a gamble. Perhaps it will stay up, perhaps not. Possibly two years or five years will go by before it is taken down. Who knows.
Judging by the number of pornography on YouTube appropriate now, the system clearly isn’t working. There are loads of porn videos. TONS.
Precisely the same evolution has happened with Facebook, which now promises that content only comes with their attention when it’s reported by a user. Sometimes content is left alone, and sometimes it’s taken down. It doesn’t matter whether a post or pic or video actually breaks the community standards or not. Facebook has repeatedly stated that breastfeeding pictures are allowed, and yet these kinds of photos always get removed.
When they get called out for this in the media, their response is like, We’re sorry. This almost NEVER happens. There is just SO much content on our site, and it is so darn hard to manage! If we fixed it, how would we find time to develop our complex promotion schemes and break users’ privacy without them knowing about it?
I comprehend, My nude beach experiences began a number of years past; strangely enough . Technology is challenging. It is difficult for Google, also. But eventually, the time will come when people with more sway than us will make a move about this.
The current system is shit, and even Google understands that. My remedy for them is to give up striving censor the most inane content. It is a losing battle. The best thing to do is work on taking down illegal material and let everything else be.
We are still going to place videos on YouTube, but they’ll be in a style similar to my censored Facebook Look Back clip.
One last note ’cause I know what some of you happen to be thinking – But YouTube is a free service. There are choices, and you do not have to use it.
1. It is not actually free. You pay with your eyeballs on the ads. And no doubt, provided that you are signed in, Google is monitoring your every move and figuring out how to monetize that information. Google isn’t your friend.
2. Google is a enormous conglomerate. Where would you take your investigations? Do you Bing that shit? No, you Google it. Where does one go first to locate a mp4 clip? Google might stink, but it rules the Internet. You are not going to get exactly the same results.
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